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* Ihre Aktion  bezogen auf Johnston, Alexander Keith
Kartenmaterial 1.  This map of Tasmania in 1859, Sir Henry Edward Fox Young, Knight Companion of the Most Honorable Order of the Bath, being Governor in Chief and the Honble Francis Smith, Attorney General, being Premier is dedicated to His Excellency and the Parliament
James Sprent. - [Plot d. Ausg.] Hobart Town & Launceston : J. Walch & Sons 1589. - [Hobart : Tasmap], [2013]
Kartenmaterial 2.  2004 : Mapa polityczna Europy z XIX w. opracowana przez brytyjskiego geografa Alexandra Keitha Johnstona (1804 - 1871)
Alexander Keith Johnston. - [Warszawa] : Główny urza̜d Geodezji i Kartografii, [2003]
Bücher 3.  Tibet, the mysterious
Thomas Hungerford Holdich. - London : Rivers, [ca. 1906]
Kartenmaterial 4.  School atlas of astronomy geography
Alexander Keith Johnston. - Edinburgh : William Blackwood and Sons, 1869
Kartenmaterial 5.  New travelling map of Scotland
Alexander Keith Johnston. - Edinburgh : W. and A.K. Johnston, 1857
Bücher 6.  The Trosachs and Loch Lomond : with map by W. & A. K. Johnston, and descriptive letterpress
W. Johnston. - London [u.a.]: Nelson [u.a.], 1857
Kartenmaterial 7.  The physical atlas of natural phenomena
Alexander Keith Johnston. - A new and enlarged ed., [2. ed.]. - Edinburgh [u.a.] : Blackwood, 1856
Kartenmaterial 8.  A School Atlas of Classical Geography comprising, in twenty plates, maps and plans of all the important countries and localities referred to the classical authors ... : With a complete index of places ...
Alexander Keith Johnston. - Edinburgh : William Blackwood and Sons, 1853
Kartenmaterial 9.  A School Atlas of Physical Geography, illustrating, in a series of original designs, the elementary facts of geology, hydrology, meteorology, and natural history
Alexander Keith Johnston. - 2. ed. - Edinburgh : William Blackwood and Sons, 1852
Kartenmaterial 10.  A School Atlas of general and descriptive geography : exhibiting the actual and comparative extent of all the countries in the world, with their present political divisions, founded on the most recent discoveries and rectifications
Alexander Keith Johnston. - 2. ed. - Edinburgh [u.a.] : William Blackwood and Sons, 1852
1 - 10 von 14
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1 - 10 von 14
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